Powerful Spy Skills To Transform Your Career

"An extremely useful guide to apply spy methods that change your entire career!"
     - Jan, 2019

"The Four C's can be applied to every aspect of building career wealth, influence, and success!"
     - Mark, 2018

You’ve done everything right… right?
You played by the rules, listened to your mentors, and have a good job.

You have steady income, responsibility, and all the makings of a successful professional. 

And yet, your career isn’t going where you want it to go.

The first sign was when your ‘exciting new job’ lost its excitement. It got easy...

It got boring.

You see useless busy-work, mindless memos, and pointless emails fill your inbox day and night. Even on the weekend!

You are talented; you thrive on challenge; you love to win!

And you can't help but hear that voice in your head every morning before work, shouting...
     "You're trapped!"
  • Trapped in a crowd of corporate drones.
  • Held-back by a boss that doesn’t trust your talent (or feels threatened by it…)
  • Forced to work in a company that’s all talk and no action
Want to know a secret?

You aren’t the only one...

A whopping 85% of people are unhappy in their current job; and another 77% are actively trying to change jobs.

You were taught a recipe for career success that worked for your parents and college professors 50 years ago.

You trusted their recipe because you trusted them.

Now you realize that their workplace is not your workplace. And their career tips don’t work for you.

It’s time for you to change the game.
'Everyday Espionage: Winning the Workplace'  is the first of its kind... 
An action-oriented system created by former covert CIA intelligence officer Andrew Bustamante specifically for career professionals in the everyday world.
'Everyday Espionage: Winning the Workplace'  teaches you how to use spycraft to win what you want in the workplace:
  • Win the Promotion!
  • Win the Business!
  • Win the Boardroom!
You will master the 'Four C's' of covert intel operations:
| Consideration | Collaboration | Consistency | Control |
These ‘Four C’s’ are the building blocks operators use to build, execute, and win operations around the world. 
They are a tactical roadmap for understanding how people think, how they react, and how you can direct their behavior to win what you want.
After leaving CIA in 2014, Andrew began applying the ‘Four C’s’ in both corporate and small business settings as a test-case for this book.
His corporate results were remarkable...
  • ​  3 promotions in 3 years inside a Fortune 10 company
  • ​  A 56% pay increase and 300% spike in net-worth over 2 years
  •   More than $250k in competing job offers from industry leaders across the US
  •   Total control over work hours, geographic location, and salary negotiations
...and his small business results were astounding:
  •   400% business growth for 4 consecutive years
  •   Six-figure personal income within 1 year of opening
  •   A 100% scalable, sustainable, and survivable business model
  •   Total control over work hours, geographic location, and product pricing
CIA uses the ‘Four C’s’ to drive human behavior and create specific outcomes.
Now you can, too.
Once reserved only for elite intelligence services around the world, you can use these secrets to build the career you've always wanted.
Today You Transform.
One Life. No Compromises.
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