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“The oldest trick in the KGB manual is still one of the most effective.” -Michael Dobbs, Sexpionage: Why We Can’t Resist Those KGB Sirens

There was a time when sex was the spice of your life.

Your 20s were filled with hot, steamy nights, beautiful people… And all the POWER that came with it.

You were unstoppable!

But something changed along the way…

SEX Lost Its Magic Somewhere Between Kids and Career.

These days – if you’re lucky – YOU get 8 minutes alone with your partner before the kids burst in, your job comes calling, or one of you falls asleep.

And to be frank, when it DOES happen… it just ain’t that spicy anymore!

Don't worry, it happens to everyone...

The system is RIGGED against sex, love, and all things libido!

From late nights at the office to early mornings with the kids... Sex never stood a chance.

But just because the fire is gone, doesn't mean the desire went with it.

  • You still feel that sexy tingle when you catch your partner naked.
  • You still dream of wet, hot, slippery nights in the sheets, on the couch, and everywhere in between.
  • You still believe in a future where you have the time, energy, and libido for a POWERFUL sex life.

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