The Ultimate Guide for The Ultimate Woman!

Strong women don't want a hero… they want the skills to be their own hero.

“I’ll never take my safety for granted again… The lessons in this book are a game-changer! Plus, my husband can actually chill when we’re apart now.”
- Natasha, 2022

“My wife took the skills [in this book] and applied them immediately and told me she’s never felt safer or more prepared."
- William, 2022

Nearly 2 million women are attacked every year.

It happens when she’s home alone, walking to the car, or out partying with friends… and always when she least expects it.

Because predators ONLY look for EASY prey.

The women you love can BEAT the statistics.

The science is clear on this: Women have an 86% chance of escaping their attacker when they exercise personal safety.

That means you don’t have to be around 24/7 to keep her safe. You can help her take CONTROL anywhere with practical, field-tested security skills.

Give her unforgettable skills.

Taking Control: A Woman’s Guide to Women’s Safety is the ground-breaking new ebook from codename: EDFIREBALL – a covert female field operative who lived and operated alone in Eastern Europe for over a decade.

EDFIREBALL operated alone, without a partner, without her parents, and without giving up her feminine nature.

Today, she serves female executives and the ultra-rich as a personal security advisor. To protect her clients and her family, she shares her expertise with you in codename so the women you love can learn the skills to BEAT danger and OUTSMART bad guys.

Take control with expert guidance from the ultimate female spy.

Taking Control: A Woman’s Guide to Women’s Safety keeps you and your loved ones ahead of danger with:

  • Top-Secret safe house tips to lock down your house tight so burglars don’t even think about breaking in.
  • Covert travel tactics that transform the way you prep, pack, and plan for ultimate safety on all trips – foreign and domestic.
  • Effective self-defense tactics that actually work for every body type, skill level, or age range.
  • Hack-proof internet safety tools that can protect moms, daughters, and sisters online even if they have zero computers skills.

Everything a woman needs to ALWAYS get home SAFE.

You’ll get immediate access to:

  • EDFIREBALL’s ground-breaking ebook – Taking Control: A Woman’s Guide to Women’s Safety – packed full of easy-to-follow safety tips for every woman, everywhere.
  • BONUS: EDFIREBALL's custom-built Ultimate Woman's Action Plan - a powerful checklist you can give every lady in your life to equip them with the elite safety tips and tactics used by the pros.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Keep yourself and the women you love safe using unique, intel-driven skills, stories, and insights from this SECRET private interview with Europe's best spy-hunter. 

    EDFIREBALL charges clients $1,500/hour for her time and expertise... 

    But you're locking-in these elite women's safety skills for ONLY $47. 

    Security with an unbreakable promise...


    If 'Taking Control: A Woman’s Guide to Women’s Safety' doesn’t give you complete peace-of-mind by the end of the first chapter, I will send you a full REFUND immediately - no questions asked - AND you can KEEP ACCESS TO EVERYTHING!

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