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Deep Cover is a custom-built, dynamic training platform that gives you unlimited access to the best spy training content available anywhere.

In the spy game, Deep Cover is reserved only for the most talented and elite field operatives. 

These individuals master multiple mental and physical disciplines that allow them to operate all over the world - without outside support.

Unlike traditional spies, Deep Cover operators are continuously exposed to new, cutting-edge, experimental training built and delivered directly to them.

Your Deep Cover platform works the same way - tailored to meet your most pressing operational needs right now, and designed to evolve as you master each new skill.

Deep Cover training is not static, one-time digital learning. Your platform is constantly growing with new real-world exercises, in-depth spy training content, and non-public intel challenges built just for you every month.

Your Deep Cover training includes:

  • Instant, unlimited access to hand-picked EverydaySpy master-course modules including OPTHINK, NewsHacker, Influential Income, Shadow Lessons, as well as new  master-courses as they are released.
    ($2,397 value) 
  • Never-before-seen and experimental training content covering situational awareness, personal defensive tactics, operational tradecraft, and covert field exercise/fitness programs built exclusively for your Deep Cover platform.
    ($1,976 value)  
  • Individual, monthly training exercises to master multiple spy disciplines such as social mechanics, surveillance, analysis, covert communication, and personal security.
    ($497 value)
  • ​Full access to the entire #EverydaySpy reference library - including all eBooks, intel reports, special reports, and assessments published by EverydaySpy now and in the future.
    ($399 value - and growing...)
  • ​Restricted, non-public invites to meet with Andrew, Jihi, and members of their professional intel network to discuss international events, spy news/media, intel career opportunities, and any of your own personal questions.
Whether you are in the intel world, preparing for an intel career, or looking for real spy knowledge and skills you can trust, Deep Cover is here to level you up!  

I am so confident that Deep Cover will exceed your every expectation, I am backing it with an insane promise...

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If Deep Cover doesn’t absolutely blow you away with new, exciting and challenging training content you can’t find anywhere else, tell me and I will immediately refund your money AND you can still keep your access for another 30 days!

On a personal note...

“I built Deep Cover to share my best, most actionable spy training at a fraction of the cost of my master courses. I am insanely dedicated to getting you powerful spy knowledge and skills in a simple, practical way that puts you in control. 

From the limitless training at your fingertips to the 100% money-back guarantee, I built your Deep Cover platform to transform your life from everyday to extraordinary."

Godspeed, #EverydaySpy     
- Andrew Bustamante, founder of EverydaySpy

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

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